Welcome to Fearful Judgement: Boston/Salem by night.

If you have read the history then you're aware of the political climate, the Invictus hold praxis over the Boston and surrounding areas, due to shrewd intelligence and manipulation the Ordo Dracul is the second estate in Boston/Salem. The Crone and Lance have natural animosity but more so for the fact that the Order has taken such a prestigious place in the history of the city.
The Requiem game on Boston/Salem is both fear and political, it is mostly character driven with a little help from the admin.
Players ARE allowed to run minor storylines, in fact we encourage this with a potential of 3xp above and beyond the potential 10xp for the month.


Nothing may be above a 4, unless it is from the specialty dot that your clan allows. Mini/Maxed characters will be disapproved as will characters who are solely made for combat.

There are three ways to create a character:

Instant Play: (sheet must be in my email box) is standard character creation with bp 1, no blood line attached to it and ZERO xp put into it. These are usually freshly made neonates and should have at least a paragraph telling me something about them.

Anything other then Instant play must be approved before it enters into play:

Neonates (0-50 years undead bp 1 or 2) 40-80 xp and a good history
Ancillae (50-200 years undead bp 2 or higher) 81-200 xp must have a good history.

I beat you are wondering about elders, Elder characters are invite only. Now you might ask, how do you get invited to play a elder: Easy, show me that you can play a neonate or a Ancillae and we will talk in a month or two after you have played them and I've seen your writing.


Ok, I do allow custom bloodlines IF and only IF the 4th dot is one of the common disciplines in play. The bloodline must be well thought out, and written up with its extra flaw. It will go into a forum where others can see it, you can not be the inceptor (Creator) of the blood line but you can be a part of it. From that point on If someone wishes to be part of a custom bloodline they will have to find a way IC to be avus'd in.

I will NOT allow custom disciplines.

Devotions: There will be a place in the forums under Custom blood lines for everyone to see custom devotions. The devotion must specify if it is clan, covenant, or bloodline only: or if it is a general devotion all can learn.
These should be learned through the forums and take a bit of time in creation of them 1 month per highest dot, to discover the custom devotion (unless it's already in play) if you are trying to create one.

Coils: There are rules for custom coils as well and I would like to see some tried out, this will go under the custom forums as well for everyone to see.

I'm using the optional rule that allows each coil to be a discipline on its own, that way it doesn't take 112 points to gain in one coil. Coils will go as follows:

Banes: 7/14/21/28
Beast: 7/14/21/28

HOWEVER this will also take some time as your Crystalis might end up with you lost to the beast. When you crystallize you will be rolling and taking that chance that is in the book. Gaining coils is dangerous for a reason.