The history of Boston/Salem told to a young Mekhet by Devorah record keeper for House Cruor Insula:

I keep all records childe, me and my line. We see to the Dynastic House Cruor Insula, keep their memories for them, protect their bodies and awaken them when the time comes to do so. You wish to know the history of the Imperium? It started when the eldest of the three came to New England, they settled on Boston due to the fact that their house is a Merchant house and Boston's harbor allowed them to keep a eye on their ships.

The Eldest of the three Imperial Duke Misha Petrinko, claimed the territory after unseating the crone in Boston. I am told the crone where Native Americans at the time who followed the Corn maiden, but that matters little here or there. This was around the early 1620's, the three of them, his childe Lady Laurel Daye, and his grandchilde came over, believe it or not with the puritans. Their reach grew as the cities started to become almost rolled into one.

They have had two historical events that over flowed into the mortal society; one was from the Salem witch trials which happen in 1692:

She afflicts me! She comes to me at night and torments me! She's a Witch!

Such words struck terror into the hearts of the Salem town's people in the early spring as hysterical young girls called out names. By summer, hundreds had been accused and imprisoned defenseless against accusations of witchcraft in a society driven by superstition and fear. The court, formed to try the victims acted quickly. Bridget Bishop was tried on June 2nd and hanged on June 10th thereby setting the precedent for a series of executions.

Originally the Crone held Salem, but the Lance coveted the small city and started to exert their influence to remove them from control. The covenant war became full blown and spilled into the streets of Salem causing collateral damage to the mortals and nearly breaching the Masquerade with the inquisition that followed the accusations.

This gave the Dynastic house Cruor Insula, who was under the control of Prince Laurel Daye, a great deal of problem as Salem was so close to Boston, and the witch trials actually affected more then just Salem, so with the aid of a member of the Ordo Dracul they where able to stop the powder keg that was about to be lit on the kindred populace, all it would have taken was one ghoul to be found or one haven.

The covenant war ended with the deaths of the Hierophant and Bishop, and the Ordo Dracul placed in control of Salem, a new barony under House Cruor Insula's control.

You don't know what I mean by Dynastic House? Oh my, well you see childe, This Invictus house keeps hold of their city even when they are in eclipse by leap frogging through time, and only two are up at a time unless two things happen, the first is if a situation calls for all three of their aid the second is when one is ready to go into eclipse. This happens when the prince's blood becomes to thick, the seneschal is one of the three and is already adjusted to the time periods and is well aware of what is going on. The Prince will stay awake long enough for the third to acclimate to the era enough to take the reigns of Seneschal, there is a coronation ball and then the Prince slips peacefully into eclipse with our help.

When the entire house is awake, their enemies should tremble, for they are very potent singularly but together they can be down right frightening.

The second incident that I spoke on, that they have had in their reign was during the early 1700s, when England attempted to exert its control over the mortals by taxation. This was also the time of the Carthian up rising in Boston, as usual the young Carthian's wanted a new government and they seem to work closely with the mortals, so they put it in the minds of their ghouls and allies to board a ship dressed as Indians and dump all the tea over board, that's right childe the Boston tea party as not only a way to wage war but a way to stick it to the Invictus, as it was their ship that was assaulted. I can tell you it cost house Cruor Insula a lot of money and they where hardly amused. I believe the Carthian who was responsible for that is still unknown so Carthian's have a bit of distain to deal with when it comes to the Invictus of House Cruor Insula.

But mostly things have been steady since, only two real problems that touched the mortal populace. And I hear that the Ordo Dracul, the Baron of Salem has come not only turned a penny on the witch trails but also has given a scientific reason for the witch trails that allows for us to keep ourselves hidden.

As is best, we are the shadows of the night and we, more then others know the value of illusion and darkness that surround the mystery of secrets.