Allowed books:

Werewolf: The Forsaken Core book
The World Of Darkness Core Book
Lodges: The Faithful
Lodges: The Splintered.
Lore of the Forsaken
Blood of the Wolf
The Rage

Insta-play characters; No restricted Items, Such characters may be brought into play immediately although the ST retains the right to request or deny anything of such characters.

Normal Play Characters: two restricted Items Maximum. These require ST acceptance before they may be played.

ST Invite only Characters: As discussed. These will only be offered to Players of Proven skill and trust. Anyone who asks for such a character will immediately forfeit any chance to ever gain such a character.

Restricted Items:

PC's with more than 35xp
PC lodge Members
Essence of Three or Greater.
Any Renown at Three or Greater
Any Attribute or skill at five.


Pure PC's
Spirit Host PC's
Spirit PC's
Changing Breed PC's
PC's with more than 75xp


Any renown beyond the base three must be explained in the characters backstory.
Members of new / established packs will be given more consideration than lone wolves.