1200’s: The Protectors of the Land are founded.
1628- Boston Founded
1650- The Long shore Men are first founded.
1692- The First Pure Wave strikes the city. Two small packs, The Masters of light and The Swords of the Ocean, are destroyed utterly. The remaining Packs eventually come together and drive off their enemies.
1709- The Packs agree to an Oath of Alliance. Seven packs sign it, of which only the Guardians and the Long shore Men are still existent.
1740- The Second Pure Wave strikes against a unified and ready city and is easily driven off. This easy victory leaves the Packs over confident and several over stretch themselves. The Long Shore men expand to gain control over the entirety of Salem Harbour.
1765- The Breaking of the Oath. The Packs fall to infighting and two of the Guardians are killed in an ambush at the Island in Swan Pond.
1812- The Third or Greatest Pure Wave hits a divided and fractious city. They get a firm foothold in the city and manage to hold it for a decade.
1822- The Pure are finally pushed back out of the city after ten years of hard fighting. The Oath of Alliance is reforged
1862- The Fourth Pure Wave. With the loss of their Alpha the Protectors restructure themselves and take a new name, The Guardians of Thoreau’s Dream. It is also believed that they replace their totem.
1902- The Fifth Pure Wave. The pure strike as a single unit under a powerfully charismatic leader. However this proves their downfall when a Heroic Irraka assassinates the leader and the pure become fractious and fall to infighting.
1954- The Sixth Pure Wave.
1976- Several werewolf packs settle in the area, Many come south from Canada after having acted to dodge the draft.
1978- The Seventh Pure Wave. An unexpected attack which rocked the alliance and almost cost them Salem. Pure manage to establish a foothold territory around Suntaug Lake. Several of the newly settled packs are destroyed or routed in the first days of the attack.
1980- Pure foothold dislodged by sustained counter attack. Ten werewolves are killed in battles on the last day alone.
2000- The last Pure Wave. The Alliance Repels the Pure but the Long shore Men are devastated and forced to reduce their territorial claims. This leaves a long standing grudge.
2002- The Warchalkers stakes claim to the territory west of the Salem Harbour. This is met with anger by the Long shore men who still consider the area their territory despite their retraction of official claim.
2003- The Warchalkers swear the Oath of Alliance. Despite this there are still occasional skirmishes between the Warchalkers and the Long Shore Men despite Guardian attempts at negotiation.
2009- Today.