Fearful Judgments Code of Conduct:

1. While in the out of character room do not put others down or the different venues, the admin have worked very hard to bring the venue to life and do not need to be made to feel like they are not doing the best they can. Be respectful.
2. If you have a problem with something that is going on in game, please take it to the storyteller who presides over the venue first.
3. Do not harass players either on chat or on private messenger about characters, story or the site.
4. Do not recruit for other sites on site.
5. This is a world of darkness, the content is mature... if both parties agree to a scene wonderful, role play. However if either party is uncomfortable with a scene FADE TO BLACK. You can gloss over the scene so there is an idea of what happen but do not force a scene on another player.
It is up to the player to be mature enough to say "I am not comfortable with this scene". Though if a player does that to a combat scene, then the scene fades to black and the moderator determines a likely outcome of the fight (which could include death to one or more of the characters involved).
6. Combat scenes : The world of darkness if full of violence, we understand that sometimes internet cuts out if this happens the scene will be frozen and taken to the forums until it is resolved. This is so that players can not avoid combat to save their characters.
7. During combat do not argue with the mod, this takes up way to much time and is rude. IF you do not agree with how the scene was ran speak to the mod after (Be respectful)
8. Use private rooms for private scenes; using an open room is an invitation to others to role play.
9. IF you have a problem, a concern or complaints first contact your system administrator. Even if the problem is with a character/player of a different system. If, after a reasonable amount of time, you feel the administrator has not addressed your problem, feel free to take it to either Fairfolk, Lazarus or Philosophers Ghost.

1st time the code of conduct is broken will result in a verbal warning.
2nd time the code of conduct is broken will result in a one month ban
3rd time the code of conduct is broken will result in a permenant ban.
Naturally this is subject to change depending on the severity of the situation, but everyone will be treated as fairly as possible.